All About Tulsi Green Tea: Tea Infused With Magical Herb

For thousands of years, every household has had tulsi also known as holy basil grown in their house with a holy belief in their heart. In Hindu religion, tulsi is considered to be a goddess and it is believed to have tulsi in every house for the peace and health that it brings along. It is believed that tulsi has great medicinal properties beyond one’s understanding and for hundreds of centuries people have consumed tulsi for various health problems in India and China. In general, according to scientists, tulsi is considered to be good for the mind and body.

Tulsi green tea a great combination of green tea leaves and tulsi leaves, is good for the body in its own way and separately tulsi is a medicinal tonic for the body. Together they make a tea that is infused with magical herbs to be very healthy and good for the body. Sipping tulsi green tea has many benefits, from providing good skin to preventing cold, from boosting up the immunity to dissolving kidney stones; this tea is one of the most important tonics that our body needs.

The lifestyle nowadays has forced people to be busy and it has made very difficult to take time for oneself. When the workload is already loaded enough with the deadline sword hanging on top of the head, it does affect our mental health in ways. It can cause burnout, anxiety, depression and just could damage mental peace. But, the magical spells of tulsi green tea protects us from the stress and the anxiety followed by that. The pharmaceutical drugs may come with side effects of anxiety, but this natural way of just drinking the green tea with tulsi leaves which has calmness properties with it can heal mental health. 

The medical and therapeutic properties that tulsi green tea contains protects the body against viruses like cold and flu, it also strengthens the immune system and slows down aging i.e. it is an agent of anti-aging. However, clinical studies have shown that drinking tulsi green tea can improve the metabolism and that further plays a vital role in weight management. A strong metabolism promotes an ideal weight management of our body. One of the many magical remedies from tulsi is for menopause, surprisingly it heals the female body in a mystical way. Menopause is a difficult time for women, tulsi green tea has pain easing properties that relieves the body from the heaviness and bloating.

According to various studies, it was discovered that tulsi detoxifies the body and purifies the skin; for the antibacterial that tulsi is, it is a natural treatment for acne related issues. A lot of people go through terrible skin problems and it only accentuates from using various skin care products without knowing much about your skin and the products. Tulsi green tea is a magical tea that helps clear the skin and then combats whilst extirpating the bacteria causing impurities. It indeed is infused with magical herbs, herbs that makes tulsi green tea mysterious in various ways whether being about the luscious taste or being the herbal beneficial drink. 

Tulsi is a gigantic bank of many other benefits, only to be discovered by many who are still researching to get the definitive results. Well, one thing is clear as crystal that tulsi is great for the body in various incognito ways, therefore, it’s only fair to try it and know it yourself.