A Cup of Jasmine Tea is Just What You Need to Keep Active

Jasmine tea was first introduced in the 6th century in China. It is believed that the Chinese first came up with this unique formula of using the scented jasmine flower petals with the leaves of green tea to create this tea. People have been consuming Jasmine tea for ages, however, the benefits of consuming this flavored tea have come to light recently.

What is Jasmine Tea?

As the name suggests Jasmine Tea is prepared by using the petals of the Jasmine flower. The original procedure of preparing jasmine tea is to first blend the petals with the loose leaves of green tea. This creates a floral aroma of the tea. As simple as it sounds, the traditional method is labor-intensive, which involves layering the petals around the tea or at least 9 to 10 times to get the rich flavor. Later the scented leaves are dried and packaged to be sent to the market. The layering is usually done overnight as that is the time when Jasmine flowers blossom the most.

How is the jasmine tea brewed?

Just like any other green tea, jasmine tea is brewed with boiling hot water. The hot brewing of this tea has various health benefits. The traditional jasmine teas are strong in flavor, as a result, need lesser brewing time. To reduce the bitterness, it is best to brew the jasmine tea for a total of two minutes at 85-90°C.

The jasmine flower is considered sacred in Buddhism, signifying the cultural and religious essence. This tea is said to have various medicinal uses and benefits when consumed with the green tea base.

Benefits of Jasmine Tea:

Reduces anxiety:

The Jasmine scent infused in the tea causes the mind to relax, creating a peaceful aura. The aroma we take in while consuming the tea calms our nerves, thereby reducing the stress in our body.

Enhances alertness:

Several researchers are of the opinion that consuming Jasmine tea increases the energy within our body. This flavored tea consists of moderate amount of caffeine which helps in increasing alertness, giving you a jitter-free focus.

Vibrant skin:

The polyphenols found in green tea assist in promoting healthy-looking skin. Besides the polyphenols, it was discovered that even the jasmine flower has cleansing and healing properties. The age-old myth of Jasmine Tea talks about, higher the concentration of jasmine lesser is the need for skincare products.

Promotes good cholesterol:

Jasmine flavored green tea enhances the good cholesterol levels within the body. Antioxidants found in the ingredients helps in promoting good cholesterol levels whilst destroying the bad cholesterol during the process.

Boosts oral health:

As Jasmine green tea is based on green tea, the catechins present in the leaves of green tea helps in protecting teeth from tooth decay. The tea acts as an agent that stops the growth of dental plaque which is known for eroding teeth’s enamel.

What role does jasmine tea play in weight loss?

The catechins present in green tea affects the metabolic rate which helps in eliminating the excess fat present in the body. Studies have proven that on consuming jasmine tea, the metabolic rate speeds up, burning the calories faster during the process. Also, we know that just the aroma of jasmine helps in reducing stress. The reduction in stress levels helps in focusing more on what we consume, thereby assisting in weight loss.

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