The Flavor of Kashmir Valley - Kashmiri Saffron Kahwa - Its popularity and Health Benefits

Kashmiri saffron kahwa tea! Well, teas are just unapologetically magical and what makes them even more special than they already are is the ingredients that make it taste different. So far, teas have been a great requirement in winter specifically for being a hot beverage and for various other medicinal benefits. Kashmiri saffron kahwa tea also known as kahwa chai is a miraculous flavored tea infused with cloves, cinnamon and saffron. Flavored with cardamom, Kashmiri saffron kahwa is a tea full of spices and these spices makes it even healthier as it already is. Despite being a hot beverage, this stress buster tea is still great during summer season for its astounding healing and the digestion problem which is often more during summer time. 

Kashmiri saffron kahwa is a mind boggling Kashmiri tea with different spices as flavors. Never was the roots of this magical tea actually known but there has always been a conjecture for it of being somewhere around from China centuries ago. It is made in a copper pot which is most commonly known as samovar in Kashmir. Kashmiri saffron kahwa is basically green tea, just dominantly rich with spices in it. It could be served with chopped dry fruits. 

This kahwa tea serves many purposes, it captures the health benefits’ column and obviously the rich spices taste that is offered. Kashmir is usually a cold place, a place where snow falls and is mostly freezing during the majority of the year. A place where it snows well, people need everything that can keep them warm and kahwa chai is the most prominent tea there because it has spices that combat cold and cough and various other flu.

Usually served after meals, the tea helps a lot in burning fat and keeps the digestive system upright. Because it is highly rich in antioxidants, the Kashmiri saffron kahwa has a great way of boosting up the metabolism. Also, with that the cholesterol level is constantly on check and that keeps all the heart diseases away.

Various spices have been used over the decades in herbal tonics to recover from different diseases, this tea is magically different because of the spices added into it. These spices have the properties to fight many health problems but together when put into the tea making the Kashmiri saffron kahwa, it becomes unique and overflows with a bunch of highly effective benefits. The vitamin B12 rich in kahwa comes from the saffron used in it, keeps the body's defense mechanism in check and boosts up the immunity level. 

After a certain age, people get worried about their increasing weight and the diseases followed by that. Weight is also the subject of issue in various diseases irrespective of age like thyroid. Drinking tea has always been helpful according to the researchers and the review of many people.

As Kashmiri saffron kahwa extract has the property of weight management, it is taken every day twice by many fitness concerned people and people who want to lose their weight. This happens because of the fat burning properties that kahwa chai has. It is also involved in the routine of many people in morning and evening, like a ritual to drink tea for the calmness it provides. At the end of the day, drinking kahwa tea after dinner gives a sense of calmness as it eases the stress of the muscles and extirpates the stress by releasing it.

The magic that is no incognito of Kashmiri saffron kahwa but yet is inexplicable, only what is known is the benefits, the taste and the calmness that comes after drinking it. Drink the Kashmiri saffron kahwa and you will get lost in the magical taste and the feeling of it.