Lemongrass Green Tea: Your Perfect Cuppa

A fresh lemony aroma, citrus and green tea flavor. A tea with such diverse ingredients obviously makes you a perfect cup of tea. It has flavors, taste and benefits of lemongrass green tea. Lemongrass is great to calm, relax and eases the stress, it freshens up and uplifts the mood and reduces stress. With antioxidant and antimicrobial properties in it, they help scavenge the free radicals in our body and have the ability to combat many bacteria. On the other hand, green tea has its own basket of benefits but together they both create a miracle. Although, there is always a conjecture about mixing these two together, well, there is no reason not to mix them. De facto, various researches have shown that it has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anticancer properties. Teas generally are very healthy, they are a health tonic basically. But different types and flavors of tea carry different medicinal and healing properties with few being common among all the teas. 

These days, the stress has started to overwhelm people a lot by oscillating between work and the deadline and it is appallingly becoming everyone’s story. The work stress endangers mental health issues which cause problems like burnouts, depression and anxiety. Altogether, these cause the birth of insomnia. Insomnia can be really dangerous, it can haphazardly disturb the body system. Lemongrass green tea has been proved over the years to be great for calming the brain and reducing the stress level but other than this it is immensely good for stress free deep sleep.

One cup of lemongrass green tea can do wonders for sleep and relaxing the brain, which indeed has become necessary. The struggle with high blood pressure and excess body fat has become a 3 in 5 people’s problem, but lemongrass green tea have properties to eliminate this issue properly. It helps control high systolic blood pressure. One of the biggest problems faced by women is PMS (premenstrual syndrome), this could lead to various multiple uterus related issues like infections, PCOD or PCOS. The menstrual cramps can become extreme with the PMS symptoms of anxiety, mood swings, food cravings, fatigue, irritability and the ovarian steroid can also modulate activity in parts of the brain linked with PMS.

Lemongrass green tea brings an enormous amount of relief in pain, the instant pain killers can be an immediate effect but it will have side effects at some point and is not good for a long time. Teas are referred by the doctors during PMS especially lemongrass green tea. It can be magically effective in various different ways. Likewise, there are various other diseases that can be rectified by natural remedies, we all rely too much on medicines when the solution can come from natural herbal remedies. 

Teas have proved to be a great herbal tonic with medicinal and healing properties over the centuries. One of the types is green tea with unbelievable benefits and lemongrass comes up with its own packet of benefits. Together these two make a great lemongrass green tea, which is rich in taste and benefits. Lemongrass green tea is a safe and herbal drink which is used for numerous health issues. Drinking this would solve many health issues and build a strong immune system. With the citrus and green tea flavor and lemony aroma, lemongrass green tea makes your perfect cuppa!

Enjoy it with your family in morning and evening or drink it before going to bed for a good night stress free sleep.