The prominently inexplicable menstrual cramps that women go through has a lot of solutions originating from myths related to menstrual cycle. There is grandma’s homemade recipe for easing the pain to heavy mg tablets, but we are always oscillating between which remedy is helpful and long-lasting. This is a contentious question with various answers; one of the answers with the most effective solution is herbal teas especially if it has certain ingredients that contains the healing property which eventually helps easing the cramps. The PCOS PCOD green tea by tea origin is made to help women with their period cramps. This green tea by tea origin is a portion of healthy period for easy flow. PCOS PCOD green tea is sugar free and is a mix of certain earthy spices and leaves.


  • Green tea leaves: It is rich in antioxidants, helps coagulate the blood and hence reduces blood clotting to a greater extent along with reducing the flow from the epigallocatechin present in green tea leaves. During periods, PMS is hard to ignore as the hormones like estrogen and progesterone is produced causing mood swings, anxiety, irritability, etc. green tea leaves contain L-theanine which helps staying calm and relaxes the body against mood swings. Having PCOS PCOD Green Tea by tea origin also helps reducing bloating, eases cramps and dysmenorrhea.
  • Garcinia cambogia & Elaichi; This ingredient in the alleviating PCOS/PCOD green tea by tea origin has properties of acting upon natural serotonin, balancing mood, and appetite along with digestion. Usually in PCOS/PCOD the appetite is highly disturbed either you will feel too hungry, or you won’t eat at all; more of serotonin will make you happy and not hungry or over-eating. As for Elaichi, it also improves digestion & appetite and helps to maintain a healthy diet.
  • Shatavari & Ashoka: PCOS is a dreadful polycystic disease which develops cysts in uterus and can result in ovarian cancer at a latter stage in life. Shatavari helps balancing the hormones which are reduced in PCOS. Tea origin PCOS PCOD Green tea consists of Ashoka and shatavari as ingredient which lower down the possibility of irregular disrupted menstruation cycle. It balances the cycle to appear in a regular time interval of 28-34 days.
  • Moringa, Methi & Elaichi; Women suffering from PCDS/PCOD are insulin sensitive because it is one of the causes of PCOS. The insulin resistance can disrupt the functions of body quite easily and this causes hormonal imbalances. Meshi improves glucose metabolism in the body and enhances insulin sensitivity to normalize blood sugar levels and hence, restores the hormones balance. Similarly, moringa also lowers the blood insulin levels. 
  • Lodhra & Manjishtha: Another magical ingredient of PCOS/PCOD green tea by tea origin has properties of refining the blood and rejuvenates the uterus well-being and hence, healthy periods. Along with this benefit, Manjishtha also cures certain skin issues as it purifies the blood. 
  • Himalayan Nettle: women suffering from PCOS & PCOD tends to develop male hormones like DTH which can happen due to improper function of liver which is disturbed when suffering from PCOS & PCOD. This nettle helps improving the liver function properly and hence is helpful in hormonal balance.
  • Punamaya: Weight is always an issue in PCOD & PCOS suffering women. Punarnava is one of the ingredients of PCOS PCOD green tea by tea origin that helps with weight loss and regularize periods along with this it stabilizes the cramps to a certain level by easing the flow.

All these ingredients in PCOS & PCOD TEA BY TEA ORIGIN are used in various medications for PCOD & PCOS along with that these are the same ingredients used in Ayurvedic treatment of the latter. For all the women, this special herbal soothing medicated tea specially made for PCOD/PCOS suffering women, is a magical tea that you must try at least once, and you will see the results quickly. This special PCOS PCOD green tea is a blessing for women suffering such a dreadful disease. Try yourself and see the magic!