Single Origin Tea is Here to Change the Way You Drink

Tea has been around for centuries and is one of the most popular drinks in the world. A lot of people enjoy it every day. We have come to associate tea with calmness and tranquillity because of its consumption culture. Drinking tea is usually done in silence while focusing on nothing but your cup and thoughts. You have all heard about green tea, black tea, and even white tea, but have you ever thought about "what single origin tea is"Single-origin tea is the latest trend in coffee and food. What does this mean? It means that every batch of tea you drink has a story behind it, just like wine! You are tasting history as well as flavour when you take a sip. Let's go back to where tea originated and talk about the 'terroir'. Terroir is a French word meaning "the soil."

Single-origin tea is here to change the way you drink. Each kind of tea is different, and every step of the production process affects how it tastes in a cup. Every batch of tea is different because of the area it is grown, the weather of the site, how it was processed, and how we brew it. Thus, let's go back to where tea originated and talk about 'terroir'. What does terroir mean? Terroir refers to "the set of environmental factors (such as soil type, climate, geography) that helps determine the unique characteristics of a wine, coffee or tea." This is most notably seen in the different coffees and teas you taste as you go around the world. Each kind of tea has its flavour profile because of where it's grown and processed.

Climate and soil impact the tea flavour that it's grown in, as well as how it's processed. That means that each batch of tea will taste different because every place has a unique terroir. You might be thinking, "but I just want a cup of tea." Well, what if you could get the same flavour profile that you're looking for with single-origin teas?

"Single-origin tea" communicates different things to different people. Some companies use this term to label tea from one particular country. Some use the term "single origin" to denote tea produced on a single plantation. And some use the term to indicate that all tea in a given batch comes from one particular variety of plants.