What Is So Special About Kangra Green Tea?

The Himalayas have been the source of purity, rejuvenation, and many more. The mountain has been home to many people. The lesser known fact about Himalaya’s is that it also happens to be the grower of one of the most tasty tea leaves. Kangra, situated in Dharamsala happens to be the lesser known for  its tasteful tea leaves. The tea estates of Kangra have only recently caught the global limelight. Kangra produces some of the most exquisite varieties of black and green teas.

What comes to your mind when someone says the valley of pure tea? The rich and pure fresh tea gardens of Kangra! Well, the one place that is exceptionally pre-eminent for tea is northern India and the tea gardens situated on the outskirts of the town of Kangra are worth feeding the eyes of the picturesque view that it offers. The tea capital of northern India, the town of Kangra has gigantic magical gardens of tea with a taste like nothing else. It is famous for the lush green tea gardens and for the rich taste that it has. Kangra is blessed with an abundant amount of rainfall and appropriate degrees of cool temperature, enough for the teas to thrive; with that cool environment and petrichor in the gardens spread from the rainfall, the special Kangra valley tea is produced. Marvelous black and green tea is grown in the mammoth gardens of the Kangra valley, which is considered to probably be the best teas produced all over the country. 

The Nutritional Information of Kangra Tea

The health benefits of Kangra tea is proven by the nutritional facts contained in it. Kangra tea has many vitamins and minerals that are good for our health. A cup of brewed Kangra tea provides us with the following nutrients:

  • Calcium
  • Zinc
  • Folic Acids
  • Vitamin B1
  • Vitamin B2
  • Vitamin B6

The Health Benefits of Kangra Tea

Apart from the rich history that this tea has, the credit for its specialty is also shared by the benefits that come along with this tea. Kangra green tea upholds the benefits of green tea which is highly rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants are good for health in various untold ways, it helps staying active and is vigilant for other numerous dreadful diseases. Kangra green tea helps with the heart diseases and keeps the nerve activity in position. Known prominently for its color and flavor, this immune booster tea has left behind all other teas with immunity booster properties. It regulates the body temperature and has an optimistic impact on mental health.

Day by day, the struggle for mental health is worsening and people are totally relying on antidepressants and other medicines which have some severe side effects. The natural tonics with medicinal and therapeutic properties are being commenced to come in use slowly, people are getting aware of the major health benefits coming from that. The calmness that Kangra green tea gives after drinking along with the anxiety that it eases off is one of the major pros of this tea.

Recently, Kangra green tea has attracted everyone’s attention after a few research paper’s release in which the result came out to be that Kangra green tea has extracts that are more helpful to cure covid-19 than the actual medicines. Adding on to the benefits, how incredible it proves to be for cancer prevention is inexplicable. Breast cancer, colorectal cancer and prostate cancer risk seems to have been reduced more as compared to other cancers by consuming the special Kangra valley green tea. The Kangra green tea is more than just a hot beverage, the benefits are quite appalling. The catechin that is found in green tea extracts is highly effective in preventing cell damage and in providing other benefits because it is a natural antioxidant. Along with that it helps the brain function in place and increases fat burning in the body. The Kangra green tea is rich in so many health benefits, from brain to metabolism, from oral health to cancer prevention it has incredible special medicinal properties. 

From the very different taste to the beautiful place it is produced in, the Kangra valley tea holds a special place in people’s heart because of the taste but mostly for the place that it is produced in and under the kind of environment. The different taste and flavor has a special essence that is carried by the medicinal and therapeutic properties of the tea. So, after this drink the special Kangra valley tea and try it yourself should you oscillate in ambiguity of the specialty of the tea.